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The San Bernardo Islands are situated in the Caribbean off the North Coast of Colombia

Colombia is a white spot in the touristic map. While other caribbean islands like bonaire have a rapid growing touristic industry and a big native population. The San Bernardo islands has been preserved in their natural state. Living mangroves and wonderfull beaches of white coraline sand with palmtrees...

You have no Idea where the San Bernardo Islands are situated ? You want to see the map ?
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In white Sands Beach you arrive by boat travel by boat and leave by boat. We pick you up in the arrival hall of Cartagena or Tolu where you arrive in Airplane directly from Bogota in a one hour flight.The boat will stay in White Sand Beach during your vacations and so will the skipper driving you to your dayly destinations. Boat and Skipper are included in the package price. The accomodations in White Sands Beach are simple but not primitive. You have sweetwater Shower, Ventilator, Wc, electric Light, Refrigerator,etc. You have dayly roomservice and your meals will be prepared by a native cook. Roomservice, meals and cold drinks are included in the package price.

Travel to Colombia is considered to be very dangerous by many travellers due to the bad news that everybody hears in the rainbow press about this country. Four mayor points are on discussion. Drugs, Guerilla, tropical Diseases and Criminals.

First of all you have to imagine Colombia as a land of contrasts. While you have a civil war like situation in the jungles of the southern part, anything is is perfecly quiet and in stable economic development in the area where you will stay during your vacations.

None of these groups (Guerilla, Druglords, Criminals etc.) has a history of targeting tourists like moslem activists in Egypt and Turkey or criminals in Miami and in the Bahamas.

Tropical diseases like Malaria and Yellow Fever are unknown in the San Bernardo Islands and we do not recomend any vacunation or prophylaxis during your holydays.

Natives in the San Bernardos are extraordinary friendly and you can leave your camara on the beach overnight without loosing it.

For getting better informed about Colombia we recomend to read the "Lonly panet travel and survival kitt" of the Lonly Planet travel guide series. Klick here to see independent information about Colombia
Lonly Planet Colombia

The price for all this will be
110 US Dollar/per day.

Included are Boat, Skipper, Meals, Roomservice, Drinks etc.
Not included flight tickets.

Visas ar not necessary for members of european community and tourists from the United States and Canada.

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