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Colombia - San Bernardo Islands

White sands beach



Deep blue water, big fish, your own boat, uninhabited tropic islands for your rest.

Want your own boat ? Want to fish in the footsteps of Ernest Hemmingway hate thrilling tour business, hate "cattleboats", go for marko-shark, marlin? We have the site for you where industrial fishing did not extinct everything.

The San Bernardo Islands are a national park protected by law and the Area is almost uninhabitated. There are no fishing industries, and the access for foreign trawlers is forbidden.A nearby navy base guaranties that illegal entrance in the waters of the park by fishing industries is almost impossible. Private game fishing is possible. The coastline is covered by virgin mangroves the breeding place for millions of fish. Due to the Mangroves the marine live is extraordinary rich by far better than in commercialized caribbean destinations where the mangroves has been dried out to win land for construction.
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In white Sands Beach you have your own boat. It is a 8m 2X 30 hp boat with sunprotection it is the private boat of the owner.A local fisherman will bring you to the good places whenever and how often you want. You decide where the tour goes. Boat and Skipper are included in the package price.
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